A homeowner's association budget provides a road map for the operations of the community. A budget includes a reasonable estimate of known operating expenses, as well as a plan for future capital purchases. Budget revisions and approval from the relevant government authority are integrated with Sakani to enable faster processing.

Configurable Invoicing

Various Invoice types can be configured in Sakani as per the organisational needs. Yearly invoicing is highly configurble providing the flexibility and ease of invoicing to the owner association.

Invoice Creation

Be it service charge invoices, late payment fee invoices, property transfer invoices, credit and debit notes, Sakani handles it all.

Customer Receipts

Receipts generation from various modes like cash counter, online payments and mobile devices etc.


In Sakani, Accounts payable is money owed by a business to its suppliers shown as a liability on a company's balance sheet. Payables are often categorized as Trade Payables, payables for the purchase of physical goods that are recorded in Inventory, and Expense Payables, payables for the purchase of goods or services that are expensed. Sakani enabled MICR cheque printing, Supplier Statement of Account, Bank Transfer Letters, Payment Vouchers etc are some of the major payables utilities.


Communication with the suppliers, sending Bank transfer letters and generating Supplier statement of Accounts are some of the major features within Supplier Management.

Supplier Payments

Faster payment processing using MICR cheque printing and payments recording.

Journal Vouchers

A general ledger contains all the accounts for recording transactions relating to a company's assets, liabilities, owners' equity, revenue, and expenses. In Sakani, the general ledger works as a central repository for accounting data transferred from all subledgers or modules like accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, fixed assets, purchasing and projects.

GL Posting

Individual as well as bulk GL Posting enables easy Trial Balance preparation during end of the months.

Aging Reports

To minimize the cash flow problems and potential losses from customers who are unable to pay, companies will routinely prepare an aging of accounts receivable. The aging of accounts receivable allows managers to quickly see which customers are behind in meeting the agreed upon terms.

Cash Flow Statements

A financial statement that shows how changes in balance sheet accounts and income affect cash and cash equivalents, and breaks the analysis down to operating, investing and financing activities.

Collections Report

A detailed report about the inflow of revenue from various modes like cash, credit card, online payments, bank transfers etc.

Statement Of Account

A report listing transactions over a given period, normally monthly. It will include details of invoices, payments received and any credits approved with a resultant balance payable by the customer.

Reporting Workbench

Various other financial reports can be configured and requested and deliverd to the inbox for a customised experience.

Managing Community Events

An Owner Association reaches out to its unit owners/tenants at various occasions. Be it an event in the community, any important announcement to be made public or any important document to be shared for the resident's knowledge or awareness, Sakani serves it all.

Managing Email Groups

Selecting a specific target audience for mailers, announcements and communications is made possible with configurable communication groups.

Document Sharing

With the document sharing feature, owner association managers can share important documents with the residents. Whether it is collecting a feedback or sending the community rulebook to the residents, you can manage the documents at all levels.

Reusable Communication Templates

With its reusable communication templates, email groups definition and various communication options, owner association managers always have an edge while communicating with their residents.

Email/SMS Communications

Tracking all the communication between the owner association and the residents can be useful at times. Email and SMS communications are tracked for ensuring timely delivery and response.

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